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Current Release Price:
1 GD = $0.98116

Gentium Dollar amount in the system:
1729272.4523094 GD

Gentium Dollar amount value in USD:

Avarage Gentium Dollar/User
Average Gentium Dollar percent holding/User
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Average income of the company/Month in USD
Avarage income on deposit after 3 months

First digital share

Gentium Dollar is the first digitalshare that pays a dividend in real money of the income of the company every month. The company pays every time a new Gentium Dollar appears, since whenever new Gentium Dollars appear in the system the company earned income financially or any other way, and so increased the coverage funds. The company creates Gentium Dollar of all income earned by its products and services, increasing the total amount and paying a dividend after. Therefore, Gentium Dollar is not just a traditional digitalcurrency, but a tool of investment that can yield passive income. You can possibly earn 11-29% of your investment every month that the company can transfer to you in either USD or in Gentium Dollar.

1 gd 1 share ->

Gentium Systems Inc. guarantees to exchange Gentim Dollar into shares at a 1:1 rate during the IPO and even after entering the stock market. Gentium Dollar essentially is a share of the company. However in form of Gentium Dollar it is used more easily and in versatile ways while in the form of an actual share it provides genuine rights to the owner of the share, and it may possibly allow a decisive role in the corporate decisions.

Our Sharing model


Every single Gentium Dollar, no matter even if it is just a fraction, provides a position to its owner as a part of the whole. The owner gets a share of the income of the company in proportion to the owner’s amount of the whole – be it small or large. However, it is important to note that in the majority of the cases the company only pays the dividend of the 60% of the income, and uses the rest to cover the costs of new developments, upkeeping and taxes. In this way, the company can guarantee the ability to pay a dividend and you can earn a passive income.

The math

During the work of our model, we constantly observe the whole amount of Gentium Dollars and we calculate the owners’ proportion of that whole. Paying a dividend means that the whole amount of Gentium Dollar increases, as the company can only pay you if it had earned an income, and therefore every single decision of the shareholders are important and meaningful.

The company’s income

The company spends its income on creating new Gentium Dollars, which means that the whole amount increases, and therefore the capital of the company increases. The whole amount of Gentium Dollars are approximately equal to the number of the company’s shares. Both pay dividends, but the shares do not yield monthly dividends.

The Gentium Systems

The Affiliate you want

The way of selling Gentium Dollar was a question raised early by the company and the business partners and it had to be answered. We made our decision of aiming for a quicker spread. All wished for an affiliate system, including the participating businesses, but everyone asked for different conditions. Naturally, we as a company knew that we need a compensation system to thank and reward the invested work of you. We came to the decision not to limit anyone wanting to use our affiliate system and therefore we shall make the system highly customizable, so everyone will be able to personalize it according to personal wishes. We decided for having 50% points with only 15% being divided as a commission for every sale. This way, all users may create a traditional affiliate, can use it to have personal discounts or may distribute the points across multiple levels. This way, the system will work just like you want to.


Even though the option of buying new Gentium Dollars will still remain, its release upon coverage price will be adjusted to the company’s performance. This price will be unitary and the introduction of a new unit, which means Gentium Dollar and share will be the same time on this given price only. This price may constantly increase.

We will introduce our exchange system at this time, which will create such an environment for trading Gentium Dollar that is not dependant on the will of other companies and outsider users. We believe it to be essential to have an independent user base. Furthermore, we think that due to the high monthly yield, moving your Gentium Dollar to the market and selling it might not be the most profitable option, but we aim to give you the biggest possible freedom.

The system starts

We started Gentium Dollar and the development of the system. Back then we had several questions to address, including how to create the perfect dividend system, since no one wants to invest in a traditional ICO which ends up with a huge loss of value when entering the stock market in lots of cases. Therefore the Graph Model was born, that pays a dividend of every income to the users in proportion to their ownership of Gentium Dollar of the whole amount.


The core problem is redistribution. Today’s money world does not apply redistribution – at least not a proportionate system. And this pushes millions of people over the edge, into poverty. Economy can be viewed as a set of scales which tipped the past 100 years, to a dangerous degree.

Our solution to the problem, is proportionate redistribution, which requires the central element of the system to reinvest in the system to be able to retain its leading position. And the only working solution to such a concept is the consideration of individually owned amounts – or, deposits or actually liquid amounts – as proportions of the total amount of market transactions.

Our proposal is such a fixing of redistribution, so it has its own financing unit as its base, for each business areas, which financing unit appears in the system as an OTC share, which can then become an actual share.

As a central unit Gentium Dollar exclusively appears in the financial sector, as this is the sector which displays the greatest imbalance (where the term “imbalance” shall be understood as a deviance from the normal situation deemed to be logical or sustainable). However, the central unit shall also be responsible for coordinating the Franchise offices which carry out actual production or service activities.

The redistribution model we present, is not exclusively valid for the financing period, but is also a viable system after the launch of the actual product/service, guaranteeing a strong market entry in every segment, and also justifying spending by offering financial gain.

To make the system easier to understand, imagine a bank system which redistributes 1/3 of the transaction fees, messaging fees and withdrawal fees it charges, to their account owners proportionate to the amount they have on their accounts compared to the total amount stored on every account combined. In our system this will be done by the Gentium Dollar where beyond the financing system – as Gentium Dollar never has a maximum amount – the company continuously redistributes to the investors in the form of buying Gentium Dollar. This also increases the company’s own share on the financing side. And, naturally, new investors may also appear in the system, and the center may receive capital injections which will instantly appear in the redistribution.

The base of the redistribution amount is the coverage price paid, but, if no investor-side release upon coverage takes place, but the company activities yield actual revenues, the company is in the position to release new Gentium Dollar on coverage price, which yields redistribution.
The key figure here is 99% - that is the proportion of humanity strongly affected by the money market. The lack of redistribution itself, affects a vast number of people. This type of financing is relevant for a roughly $800–2,000 billion market.
The key things is that regarding the thematics and operation theory we have two competitors: the digitalcurrency OTC market and the stock market. However, there is a fundamental difference: revenue redistribution, which is not an optional element of the system for the company, but an integral one. It speeds up currency flow, facilitates purchases, and boosts the economy.
Mainly because we have the business model as well as an established and functioning system required to solve this issue. Maybe the single biggest threat the world is facing is the unsustainability and disproportionate nature of today’s money system. We see the problem in its entirety, and can come up with a viable solution. We are also aware of our weak spots, and don’t hide denial when the company temporarily underachieves for some reason. Which may happen, as an active market presence does not always yield spectacular results – but such hard periods won’t deter us from continuously aspiring to achieve our main goal: to build a better world.
The company maintains a 85–95% share of Gentium Dollars, which puts the share owned by independent investors, to 5–15%. But substantial investments may knock this share out of this range, and this proportion may temporarily change. In theory it is not impossible that the share of the company dips to as low as 75% in the matter of months. It is important to note that, the company invests in the system on a regular basis, creating Gentium Dollars on a coverage basis, in order to push itself back in the default range of share. Naturally, this creates an obligation to pay dividends, but any other owner has the option to capitalize, either on a coverage basis or by purchasing Gentium Dollar from other owners.
The establishment of our own bank system requires approximately $15 million and, even more importantly, an adequate number of users and small investors for sustainability. A considerable share – circa 15% – of this money goes to development and to establish the infrastructure to be able to manage the workload; another 10% goes to maintenance costs, a further 5–10% will be spent on maintaining the majority status of the company, and the res will be retained as coverage. Once the system is fully established maintenance costs will only take up a minuscule portion of the investments.
We are aiming to become a leading player of the banking and finance sector. Thanks to the Franchise financing system the company will be directly and indirectly involved in every areas of the economy, and the revenues will further increase the value of the company and the base of its coverage.
The company is currently run, and the costs are covered from the execution of the concept. Even in harder times we stand firm behind our goals, as we know the world needs change, and there is a menacing problem to tackle.
The rate our revenues will grow will be directly proportional to the extent people need a proportionate and continuous redistribution. As the system we operate in, is relatively closed, forcing us to take one step at a time, and there are crucial factors we cannot ignore in our operation, it is rather a challenge to put a specific figure as the actual growth rate. A crucial aspect in our case is the lack of network building, all of our marketing activities is managed and carried out centrally, although our business partners have distribution contracts. Our estimations for the monthly growth rate of our revenues in the money sector can realistically be as much as 20–50%
There is a fair chance that the company, our business partners and every investor has the same fear – and not only in our specific case, but generally, in any business area: the fear of failure. To have to face the reality that we invested so much of our time, energy and money into realizing a dream that will never grow into what we wanted it to. We have had to learn to ignore these thoughts and fears until they disappeared altogether, as we witnessed the concept prove viable despite all the obstacles, growth is continuous, and the prospects on the company’s horizon are getting brighter and brighter.
“This is an intriguing question, but I don’t think I would like to talk about myself as much as the concept itself. You could translate it to claiming that the creation, development and polishing of the concept is what makes me truly happy, the meetings where I can present it, contract business partners, and see my dream become the dream of others. If the question is about me as a private person, my main source of happiness there is being with my family, which is made even more precious by the fact that I spend most of my time with my work and business partners, be it this company or other business ventures I’m part of. But all this business time cannot make me oblivious to the importance of quality family time. I like reading, and do read a lot, mainly business literature. Following the news of the worlds of economy and IT, is a must, of course; I also keep my finger on the pulse of the OTC markets, and follow the trends of and news about, the major shares.”


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